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How first sketch becomes the final piece

Пост обновлен 31 окт. 2018 г.

The overview of my working process

Normally, when I do the client’s work, I produce some sketches first, then send them to the client, discuss, sometimes improve or redraw and only after that start working on a final piece.

But when I work on my personal pics, most of the time I don’t have a clear idea of what am I going to do, only the idea of what kind of mood i’d like to express. So in this case I start from scratch straight on my iPad or in Photoshop, without doodling around on paper. For myself I found it easier to work this way, even though I still highly recommend doing small thumbnails of ideas on the everage paper with pencil, cos it really will give more freedom to your mind (as you won’t accidently fall in love with some random tool or the color of background, etc).

So let’s return to my workflow. What we had at the beginning:

- no certain task

- no certain idea or tool

- my current mood and some free time

What do I do next? Just draw a skeleton of the letters and try to make composition more interesting by adding flourishes. Then thought about how to play with the meaning of the word. You see, in the middle of the process I added some stars and even the photo of the night sky to the background. But finally I ended up just tracing the outline with some strange brush I discovered in the section with “shiny” brushes. I even posted the semi-finished piece to my instagram. After watching the result of a couple of days I thought that the composition needs to be more contrast and detailed to look finished. So I started adding more flesh to the bones of this word. 

So, the work is done, now you can compare two pieces. 

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